New MultiCam CNC Router

20141116_104539 We are currently installing our new MultiCam CNC router. We will soon be able to produce a wide verity of signage such as 3D letters, aluminum plate letters, push thru acrylic letters, channel letters, brass letters, precision crafted architectural signs and so much more.


Giti Tire

Rapid Signs, LLC was chosen to manufacture the new "Giti Tire" sign that represents the site of their future home in Chester, SC. Special thanks to Giti Tire and Karlisa Parker and Chester County Economic Development! 20140618_122724  ...

New Hi-Speed Digital Printer

We just purchased one of the industry's most innovative large-format digital printers, which ushers in a new era of speed, precision and performance. This next generation printer delivers vibrant, detailed images at speeds up to 1,098 sqft./hr. That is 35-thirty five 4'x8' banners in one hour. SOLJET® XF-640 Large-Format Digital Printer...